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Setting up client server connections

To understand which database SambaPOS is working on, take a look at the gray version number located at the bottom left side of the login screen. It will end with a two letter suffix and that suffix will give information about database engine.

  • TX ⇒ Internal Text File Database
  • SQ ⇒ SQL Express or SQL Server
  • CE ⇒ Compact SQL

You can choose a database engine that suits your needs.

If you'll run SambaPOS on a single computer

You can prefer Compact SQL. Setting up Compact SQL is easy and it will work fine on a single user environment. If you are planing using handheld devices prefer SQL Server Express instead. Follow these steps to configure SambaPOS for Compact SQL database.

SambaPOS will create c:\sambadata.sdf file automatically. You can change filename or file path but the file extension should be “.sdf”

If you'll run SambaPOS on a network

In this case Free SQL Server Express will work fine.

  • Visit and download 64 bit or 32 bit software for your computer. In most cases “Database Only” choice is fine.
  • After completing setup open Management > Settings > Local Settings screen.
  • Enter data source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS to “Data Connection String” box.
  • Restart SambaPOS

On client computers you should enter Data Connection String as data source=[server computer name]\SQLEXPRESS. If you changed default instance name of SQL Server, change SQLEXPRESS part with that instance name.

If you created UserName and Password you should enter connection string as:

data source=[Server Computer Name]\[SQL Express Instance Name]; user id=[User Name]; password=[Password]

Change values in brackets as you configured SQL Express. Default SQL Express instance name is SQLEXPRESS.

If you configured SQL Express as default instance you should only use server name instead of servername\SQLEXPRESS

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