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Key Features

  • Touch screen restaurant automation system
  • Caller-id supported delivery system
  • Handheld terminal support
  • Thermal ticket printer support
  • Barcode reader support
  • Kiosk style usage
  • User friendly screens
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited tables
  • Automatic custom table screens over floor plans
  • Unlimited table screens
  • Colored menu buttons with product thumbnails
  • Unlimited number of menus
  • Different menus for each departments
  • Unlimited number of price lists
  • Changing price lists at a certain time of day
  • Special screens for fastfood departments
  • Different printer templates for each depratments
  • Partial ticket settlement
  • Receiving payments by choosing items from ticket
  • Flexible ticket designs
  • Printing reports from ticket printer
  • Printing graphical ticket logos without enabling graphical printing mode
  • Customer accounts
  • Cash
  • Inventory tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Easy tallying
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