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Print Formatting Commands

SambaPOS uses simple commands for formatting printouts.

  • <T> (Title) : When used it will format line as a title.
  • <F> (Fill) : For example <F>- creates a line with - chars or <F>= creates a line with = chars.
  • <EB> (Enable Bold) Prints everything Bold until <DB> command.
  • <DB> (Disable Bold) Ends <EB> command
  • <Jxx> (Justified) Justifies a line from pipe char. <J00>Total:|0.00 will seperates line from pipe (|) char, aligns Total: part left and 0.00 part right. When used on a ESC/POS compatible ticket printer numeric parts sets font size. First number sets font height and second number sets font width. For example <J10> sets font height to 1 and font width to 0.
  • <Cxx> (Center) Same as <J00> but this command centers text.
  • <Lxx> (Left) Same as <J00> but this one left aligns text.
  • <Rxx> (Right) Same as <J00> but this one right aligns text.
  • <BEEP> (Beep Sound) If ticket printer supports printer will beep on this command. Generally used at the end of ticket template to inform user about something printed. Generally useful on kitchen printers.
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