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Ticket Tags

What information do you want to add to a ticket? The waiter name? Do you want to choose delivery personnel? Person count sits on table? How did you received delivery order? Telephone? Internet? How he'll pay the bill? If you have similar needs you'll like Ticket Tagging feature.

Ticket Tagging is a unique SambaPOS feature useful for adding custom information in tickets. You can group tickets by their tags and print these information if needed. Lets see how you can add waiter information in a ticket.

The first step is creating a Ticket Tag Group.

This ticket tag group definition will create a button in ticket view. Name will displayed on this button. When no value selected button displayed as red and to be able to settle this ticket user should select a value.

  • If you want to use this tag in terminal application check Use on terminal setting.
  • If you want force user to choose a value check Selection Required
  • If tags are numeric values (like people count) check Numeric Values. Choosing this setting will add additional information to work period report.
  • If your users may create tags check Free Tagging
  • If SambaPOS should remember user created tags check Save Free Tags

To be able to use this tag we should activate this tag on a department. We need this tag only at eat in department.

Lets see what changed on ticket view.

A new Waiter button added to left column. It is colored red because we didn't selected a Waiter yet.

Clicking Waiter button will display all tags in this tag group. If there is already a selected tag we'll see an additional “Remove Tag” button on this screen. I'll tag this ticket with Ms.Jones tag.

As seen on the screen shot button color changed and a little note appeared under order list. Click “Waiter” button again if you need to change or remove this tag.

I'll tag some more tickets and show you what we'll see in work period report.

Well it seems Ms. Anderson did a great job today.

By changing printer templates you can print selected tags on bills or kitchen orders.

By using Rules and Actions features you can automate SambaPOS by configuring “When a ticket tag selected do this” events. It might be adding %10 discount, Removing Taxes or maybe adding 4 free drinks when person count selected as 4.

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