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Enabling Free Tagging on Fast Food Department

You are operating a Fast Food terminal but sometimes you need to delay payment and you need something flexible for naming tickets and finding them easily. On this tutorial I'll show you how to achieve that.

We'll start by creating a new ticket tag group.

If we have some frequently used tags we'll enter these to Sub Tags list for easier selection. I enabled “Free Tagging” setting for permitting custom tags and disabled “Save Free Tags” because I don't want to save manually written custom tags in my sub tags list. I can change button colors or change “Do it after ticket selected” setting as “Close ticket” if I need. I named it as Ticket Tags but you can use a different name if you want.

I'll edit Fast Food department settings for enabling this tag group.

As you noticed I've changed “POS Default Ticket Tag” as “Ticket Tags” too. That will change how open tickets are displayed.

This is how Fast Food screen looks while entering orders. We have a new button named as “Ticket Tags” and we can't close ticket without entering a payment.

Let's tag our ticket as Seat 2

As screen shot shows after tagging it we can close ticket without entering a payment. I'll click Close ticket for Closing it without payment

I'll tag another ticket with a custom tag.

I'll close it too.

This is what we'll see when I click “Ticket Tag” button while there is no active ticket.

Remember we selected “Ticket Tags” as default tag on fast food department. That's why SambaPOS displays these ticket tags by default. Grey ones are open tickets and the white boxes are Sub Tags that have no tickets yet. I can click grey buttons for opening tickets or click white boxes for creating tickets with that tag. Blonde Girl button will disappear when we settle that ticket because we disabled “save free tags” setting.

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