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Tracking Orders in Individual Accounts with Ticket Tags

This document will demonstrate tracking orders in Individual Accounts. For example we have contracts with online food ordering companies and we want to track our sales under their accounts.

First of all we'll create accounts for these companies.

I created two accounts. One for and one more for I'll mark these accounts as “Internal Accounts” because these are not regular customer accounts.

To automatically match tickets to these accounts we'll use Ticket Tags

I created “Online Order” Tag.

  • Settle (1) means “as soon as I select a tag SambaPOS will automatically take me to the settle screen”. I can leave it as “Refresh” for no automatic action.
  • To understand easily this ticket is already tagged I changed button color (2).
  • I matched accounts with sub tags so when I select a sub tag SambaPOS will automatically assign ticket to related account (3)

Now I'll open department settings and assign this ticket tag to a department.

As a result of this configuration I'll see “Online Order” button on commands column of tickets created from “Restaurant” Department.

When I receive an online order I'll

  • Create a ticket
  • Click “Online Order” button
  • Select Company Tag
  • SambaPOS will take me to settle screen
  • I'll select payment type as “Account Balance”. So I'll be able to see totals under this account.

… and settle screen appears.

As we can see at the upper corner of the screen this ticket assigned to account.

This is what we'll see on customer account screen. When we receive payments from we can record it here and we can track balance from account related reports.

As a bonus SambaPOS will add a nice summary report to Work Period Report.

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