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So what is a Resource?

This is one of the most important features of SambaPOS V3. Instead of trying to describe what it is let's talk about how we can use it.

Resources are the entities we assign to tickets like tables, customers, waiters, etc. Unlike V2 this configuration is flexible and you can create custom resource types. For example if you are a hotel owner you can create a new resource type called Room.

You can create custom screens for choosing a room or searching rooms and you can choose a room on ticket like you choose table for a ticket.

It is possible to open an account to a resource so you can track credit, debit transactions of it. For example like you create accounts to your customers you can create accounts for your personnel or other resource types you need. You'll also have control on which resources will have an account for not so if you didn't opened an account to a customer cashier won't be able to record an account transaction for that customer.

You can add custom fields to a resource so you'll be able to configure what information needed on resource cards. For example you can add “Birthday” field on customer cards or “Plate” field for motorbike deliverers. You'll use this fields for both searching and printing. You can also acccess theese custom information on related actions or rules.

Resources may have states. A state is something like “Open Table”, “Occupied Table” or “Bill Requested Table”. You can add more states if you need and change them with rules or actions.

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